We provide 100% financing for Padel courts at your Tennis club

Mindspring has a unique, turnkey solution to ensure your club succeeds in integrating Padel and secures all the benefits Padel brings.

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A big part of Padel’s future is at Tennis clubs

Infinite Possibilities
"Padel is a highly social game that is gaining momentum on its way to becoming a significant global sport. As an integral part of the racket sports family, Padel courts at Tennis clubs simultaneously strengthen Tennis while growing the sport of Padel. It’s a true win-win."
Craig Thompson
UEFA Champions League founding team member 1992–2003
“What an amazing work!”
Suzanne Scott
According to Babolat & Wilson, Padel revenues will surpass Tennis revenues by
The revenue opportunity created by Padel with underutilized courts grows
A massive player growth is taking place. In Spain, Padel’s rank among participation sport
the volume growth of ‘padel’ searches globally over the last four years
national Tennis associations already have active Padel programs
top-level professional Padel events are taking place every year in 16 countries on 4 continents
Ready to Launch

How will our cooperation strengthen your Tennis club?

We are here to support the integration of Padel into your club community. To do this effectively, we offer a turn-key solution which will allow your club to move quickly and smartly in this overall transformation. Our partnership will enrich your Tennis club and community in multiple ways:

100% funded
It’s a risk-free, no-cost transformation of one or more of your Tennis courts or available land at the club.
Revenue diversification
The adoption of Padel allows you to diversify your revenue sources immediately. 
Ancillary revenue
The growing number of players will increase the revenue from food and beverage, clinics, coaching, pro shop sales and events.
Experienced advisors
Our experienced team will advise your club on the best ways to launch and grow your Padel community in harmony with your Tennis community.
Highest quality courts
Your courts will be built by world leaders in Padel design and construction.
World-class Padel App
Your staff and players will use our intuitive platform for efficiency and engagement with your community.
Powerful UI Kit

How does our world-class Padel App enhance your club?

Your staff and players will be using our world-class Padel App, an easy-to-use and intuitive platform to ensure efficiency and engagement with your community. It’s loaded with features including:
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Carefully Crafted

How will we assist your club in integrating Padel courts?

We have a proven process to ensure efficient planning and execution of the integration of Padel into your Club. Generally, our process breaks down into five principal steps*:

  • Project evaluation and contracting between the Club and MSP
  • Site evaluation and construction plan
  • Court construction
  • Club training, promotion to the community & launch event(s)
  • Performance tracking and advising once the courts are open

* Club to secure building permits, if required.

Are you ready?

Want to build a Padel court in an open, flat area at your club?

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How much does it cost the club?

For the cost of the Padel courts, the answer is simple - there is NO cost to the club.
Not one penny.

Mindspring Padel will cover 100% of the costs related to the delivery, installation and structure of the Padel courts. In addition, we will cover additional costs for groundworks (i.e., foundation), if necessary (and subject to final cost).

How does it work?

Your land
The club provides an indoor or outdoor site, ideally an under-utilized Tennis, practice or sport court. The club will be responsible for securing all necessary building permits.
Our funds
We will pay 100% of the Padel court costs. We will also cover all or a portion of the groundwork costs if they are required.
Our Padel App
Our Padel App will help your club to manage the courts, as well as your player community. This is essential to ensure all booking and performance data is shared transparently with Mindspring Padel.
First 3 years
During the first 3 years, the Padel court booking fees (or a percentage of membership fees) will be shared equally between the club and Mindspring Padel.
Next 7 years
After 3 years and for the next 7 years, we retain 10% of revenue to monitor and support your club’s success, advise on new commercial and technology opportunities and ensure long-term commitments. The club retains 90% of the court revenues.
Throughout the Partnership
Your Tennis club will always retain 100% of ancillary revenue generated from increased food and beverage spending, group and private lessons, social events and shop sales.
Friendly Support

What are the risks, and who’s taking them?

For Mindspring Padel the risk is believing in the Tennis community as the best home of Padel. And as we are convinced that Padel’s future growth and development is going to be catapulted by the Tennis community, we’re willing to take the risk of investing with committed Tennis club partners.

For you, the risk is limited only to your club’s desire and commitment to integrate and embrace the Padel community into your Tennis environment.
"Why is MIndspring Padel taking the risk? The answer is simple - because we’re both Padel and Tennis enthusiasts who believe in the potential of Padel at Tennis clubs.

We’re confident that the investment will pay off for all of us. And we’re counting on the Tennis community to take advantage, as your success will define our success."
Anton Brams
Managing Partner Mindspring Padel
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Our team and partners

We were the drivers of the UEFA Champions League, America’s Cup, NASL, Champions Hockey League, Eurosport, Eleven Sports and Heineken Cup. We have a range of global sports business experience, including event creation and management, media rights, sponsorship, digital innovation, finance, governance and legal.
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Craig Thompson

Responsible for launching the Champions League with UEFA as part of TEAM Marketing in 1992, the Champions Hockey League, the 34th America's Cup, and the Canadian Premier League. A founder of Mindspring Capital, a company that invests in early-stage businesses, and GP with Match Ventures.
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Anton Brams

A sport and technology expert focused on leveraging the potential of technology in sports. A former athlete, coach and olympic medalist, he is a serial entrepreneur with successful exits. Anton is also the Managing Partner of Mindspring Sport and the General Partner of Match Ventures.
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Rishi Sehgal

A General Counsel and Business Development Executive with a track record of developing strategy, establishing revenue streams, negotiating complex transactions, building partnerships, and shaping risk management frameworks for Fortune 500 corporations. The Interim Commissioner of the North American Soccer League.
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Clay Smith

A long-time leader and advisor in the sport and technology sector with extended leadership roles at Octagon and Genius Sports. Accompanied international brands like Coca-Cola, Sony and Mastercard in their sports & entertainment investments, activations and evaluations. Negotiated with FIFA, UEFA, Disney and many other regional and global rights-holders to secure successful long-term partnerships. Complimented this experience with business development and customer success expertise within the e-Gaming and sport tech industries.
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